Tour Description

Join the Reykjavik Beer tour to have an fun night out in Reykjavik! Visit our favourite local bars in town, have 7+ Icelandic craft beers, meet new friends and learn about our bizarre local beer history.

If you are interested in any of the above, you are in luck. Because our Reykjavik Beer Tour was created for you!

Our Reykjavik Beer tour is first and foremost a fun night out. Perfect for beer lovers and all travellers that want to explore the best of Reykjavik with a local, get to know the Icelandic beer culture and make new friends along the way.

For 3-4 hours we will stroll in and around down town Reykjavik as we hop between amazing bars & pubs and explore our absolute favourite Icelandic bars.

All of the stops in the tour are amazing beer venues with their own unique specialities and focus points. We visit super trendy & hip gastro pubs, the best bar in town for brand new and exciting micro brews and of course, we will visit the one bar that has the single largest Icelandic beer selection of all bars in Iceland!

In the Beer Tour we will drink our way through Icelandic beer history and have delicious tastings of everything from our incredible 74 year beer prohibition and until the exciting craft brewing scene of today.

All drinks are included in the tour and light bar snacks. We do of course offer alternative options for non beer drinkers. At every location we will enjoy unique Icelandic beers and work our way through Iceland’s incredible beer saga.

In other words, The Reykjavik Beer Tour is the perfect introduction to Icelandic beer and a great evening activity!

“Good people drink good beer.”

Hunter S Thompson
WHATS INCLUDED7+ Icelandic Beers & an unforgettable evening with new friends in Reykjavik
PRICE13.900 ISK Per Person